The interior structure of any home or business is vulnerable to the damage caused by a lack of proper roofing, siding, or windows. Allowing moisture to filter into the home through weak points in these materials is a setup for larger, more expensive problems that can take thousands of dollars to fix. At NE Roofing, Siding, and Windows, we offer the quality materials, repairs, and installations you need to keep your structure in Lincoln, NH   in excellent condition all year long.

Roofing Contractors Lincoln, NH – Your Complete Roofing Repair and Replacement Specialists

The roof is a vital part of any structure due to keeping out the moisture that many types of weather systems bring during the spring, summer, fall, or winter. At NE Roofing, Siding, and Windows, we are a roofing company that has a team available to handle any commercial and residential roofing repair or replacement. Our specialists can handle everything from commercial flat roofing to residential asphalt shingle. We can recommend any necessary repairs and suggest the best materials for replacement. Our numerous satisfied customers are a demonstration of the attention to detail we give every roofing project.

Why You Should Invest In a Quality Roof

Replacing your roof is one of the bigger maintenance investments you will have to make for your home or business. If you focus on finding a quality roofing company that uses better materials, your investment will be one that lasts for many years. Letting your roof go or spending money on poor quality materials can cost you more in the long-run. You will end up with roof leaks and material failure that requires the job to get done all over again. Spending a reasonable amount of money for quality materials and installation will guarantee you get every pennies worth of use out of a new roof.

What happens when your roof sustains damage?

The mildest of summer or winter storms can produce more damage than expected and force you to look into roof repair or roof replacement. High winds can forcibly remove shingles, tiles, and flashing. Falling tree limbs, hail, and debris can poke holes through metal roofing or cause deeper structural issues. Every bit of damage on the roof has the ability to set you up for water infiltration and leaks. A compromised area of the roof that is left without repair can end up causing you to replace the surface much sooner than normal. The water damage to the interior of your building can add thousands of dollars to the cost of repairs.

What are the signs of roof failure?

Small areas of damage to the roof are hard to detect unless you do a physical inspection after each storm, or there is obvious water leaking from the roof area on the interior of the building. A few signs to look for are:

  • Water spots on ceilings and walls
  • Large portions of missing roofing material
  • Bows and uneven roofing surfaces
  • Pooling water on the roof
  • Tons of granules on the ground beneath the eaves washed off the asphalt shingles
  • Visible holes and loose areas of metal roofing

How long will my roof last?

The lifespan of a roof replacement depends on the type of materials chosen and how well it is installed. Our roofing experts in Lincoln, NH  take every precaution in ensuring the materials are of high-quality and the job is done right. You can expect a standard asphalt shingle roof to last between 20 and 30-years. A metal roof can last up to 20-years longer. Make sure you discuss this with our experts before making a material choice. We can help suggest roofing products that will give you the best overall value.

Will I need a new roof if it is leaking?

Although a roof leak can seem like the end of the world when tons of water come pouring into your home or business, it is not always necessary to replace the roof. We can perform a complete inspection and locate the source of the problem. Often, a simple roof repair does the trick in eliminating the leak. It will save you money and help extend the life of your existing roof. You may find out that it is a leak coming in around the flashing, which is a relatively inexpensive and quick fix.

Reroofing vs Repair Lincoln, NH  

Making the decision between reroofing and repairs can seem confusing at times. Having our roofing experts conduct a thorough inspection will help you gather the information you need to make an informed choice. Our years of experience help us locate any existing problems quickly. If the age, condition of the roof, and damage repairs cost as much, or more than replacement, we will recommend reroofing. We will look at specifics like:

  • Roof soft spots
  • Missing roofing materials
  • Materials failure and aging
  • Flashing and vent seals
  • Eave rot
  • Drainage problems

How to protect my replacement roof

Once your new roof is installed by our team from NE Roofing, Siding, and Windows, there are a few things you can do to help keep it protected for a longer lasting finished product. You should always have a thorough inspection done each year to ensure it is in good shape. Here are a few other tips to keep your new roof in great condition:

  • Keep the roof clear of debris
  • Inspect the roof after major storms for any areas of damage
  • Keep an eye on flashing
  • Do not walk on the roof
  • Trim back tree limbs from the roof

How long will reroofing take?

Most roofing can be installed within a day or two if the older material does not need removing. If the old roof has to be torn off it adds time to the project. Much of the time for reroofing depends on the size of the roof in question and the type of material to be installed. Roofing that covers expansive homes can take a few days when the older material is removed first. We are happy to provide the expected time for completion along with your cost estimate.

Choose From Several Durable Roofing Materials

The selection of roofing materials available is massive. You can choose from products like:

  • Tile
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal Roofing – shingles or sheets, and more

Each type of product will produce a different look to your home or business. You can vary the colors to match the exterior of the building, or base your choices on expected longevity. We will take the time to show you all of the options available so that you feel confident you have made the right choice. Our experts will point out any additional benefits for protection against weathering, lower maintenance, or more affordable cost.

Seasonal Roof Maintenance Services

One service to consider to help lengthen the time between replacing your roof is to use our convenient annual roof maintenance program. The better you care for your roof, the longer it will last with fewer repairs needed. We will provide a complete inspection and detail any needed roofing repairs. You can opt to have them done at the time, or we can schedule a time that is more convenient. You will notice the better overall performance of your roof with routine maintenance and repairs.

Contact us at NE Roofing, Siding, and Windows anytime you are experiencing problems with your roof or are considering replacement. We will arrive quickly to assess any damages, detect hard-to-find leaks, and recommend affordable repairs or replacement options. Our roofing experts can also offer you the routine annual maintenance your roof needs to stay healthy and provide the protection you need. We stand behind our work and will install a roof that lasts for many trouble-free years. Adding a new roof to your home is one of the best investments you can make for improving the ability to ward off water intrusion and the overall looks of your home or business.

Vinyl  Siding Replacement Lincoln, NH   – Improve Structural Protection With High-Performance Siding

You have a lot of important things in behind the walls of your home that siding helps keep protected from snow, ice, and rain. Water seems to take on a life of its own and find any way possible to enter in behind siding, which sets you up for serious water damage. Using high-performance siding is the best way to keep the interior of the walls and home dry. Moisture problems lead to wood rot and mold infestations. Both of these can cost thousands of dollars to remedy. It can quickly make the cost of adding quality siding a more appealing option.

How Poor Quality and Loose or Broken Siding Causes Damage to Your Building

Using poor quality siding nearly guarantees that moisture will find a way in behind the product and begin damaging the wood, wiring, and eventually the interior portions of your home. Loose and broken siding not only provides an easy access for water infiltration, but it can get caught by high winds and rip clear away from the home. It will leave large sections of your home vulnerable to all weather conditions. It will increase your heating and cooling costs as well. Losing the ability to keep cold and heat out means your HVAC system will have to work even harder to keep up.

The Benefits of Siding Replacement

One of the biggest benefits of siding replacement is being able to update the look of your home. Our siding company will show you products that will enhance the overall architecture and landscape of your home or business. A few of the other benefits are:

  • Increased energy savings
  • Protection from rain, snow, ice, and wind
  • Protection from pests
  • Reduced maintenance products
  • Immediate increase in curb appeal and property value

Save Money With Quality Siding Repair

You may not want or need to completely replace your siding. We can match the existing siding and perform high-quality siding repair that saves you a ton of money. Our siding experts can replace broken, hail and wind damaged, water damaged, or replace missing sections. The exterior of your building will look better and your property will have increased protection from weather and pests. Our team of siding technicians is experienced in all types of siding and common problems that lead to failure. We will show you how to better protect your home from the damage that leads to the need for repairs.

Retain the Integrity of Your Structure

At NE Roofing, Siding, and Windows, we focus on the need to keep your structure sound and protected from anything that can lead to premature failure and damage. Siding is one element that guards your home or business against unneeded damage that the natural change of seasons can cause. Blowing snows and rains, baking heat, frigid cold, and all other unwelcome weather is successfully kept at bay with the use of quality siding products. Our siding experts will show you all of the available options that offer the best thermal and weather protection you can get. Not only will it help protect your framework and interior, it also helps reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Accurate and Fast Siding Leak Detection

If you are experiencing an unexplained source of water in your home and you suspect it might be the siding, we offer fast and accurate leak detection services. Our years of experience in the siding industry helps us know exactly where to look to determine the area water might be entering your home. Our siding company will check all areas of siding coverage and determine what repairs are needed to bring the situation under control. We will inspect:

  • Siding integrity
  • Check for loose or missing parts
  • Inspect all soffit and fascia
  • Look for excess wear and tear

Call us and schedule an appointment for a complete inspection of the siding for your home or business. We provide quick repairs and replacement with high-quality siding products. Our experts will do their best to work within your available budget. The money you invest now can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs down the line.

Window Replacement Lincoln, NH   – Get Rid of Unsightly and Leaky Windows

Having old, tattered, and leaky windows on your home can make it look unsightly and lead to problems with mold, mildew, and wood rot. We can show you some contemporary window designs that will completely change the looks of your home or business. It is one of the most affordable immediate facelifts you can have done. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles to fit your budget and preference.

Save Money On Heating and Cooling Costs

Your home or business loses a ton of heated and cooled air out of windows that are not sealed correctly. Broken glass panes and ineffective insulative qualities all drive your energy costs through the roof. You can choose from the double pane, triple pane, UV protection styles, and more. We can also add windows to create the perfect sunroom or four-season room for all-year enjoyment.

Eliminate Window Water Leaks

If you notice water stains around the inside of your window frames, bubbled paint, dripping or streaming water during storms, you have leaking windows. It can often end up so bad that you notice light through portions of the frame. It is an indication that you already have water damage happening to your home. We can fix the window frames and replace the windows with a more contemporary, sealed model. You will immediately notice the difference with the elimination of air drafts and water leaks.

Update the Look of Your Home With Window Replacement

The great thing about window replacement is that it is easy to completely change the aesthetics of your home or business. You can choose to install large bay windows, sliding windows, and many other types that offer the perfect function and looks you desire. All are made of durable materials that are built to last. Most are designed for easy cleaning and low maintenance.

Repair or Replacement of Window Sills and Frames

The first thing you might notice is how old and drab your windows look. A closer inspection can often reveal serious problems like wood rot on the frames and sills. Our window experts can repair these areas of damage so that your new windows fit perfect and snug for air and watertight ability. You can feel the peace of mind that your new windows have a solid foundation for longevity.

No matter what your protection needs are for the exterior of your home or business, here at NE Roofing, Siding, and Windows, we offer free estimates, affordable prices, and top-quality installation or repairs. Give us a call and we will have one of our experts in Lincoln, NH show up to inspect your roof, siding, or windows and recommend the best solution for your needs and budget. Providing complete protection from the weather for your or business is one of the smartest investments you can make. Contact us today!