Window Replacement to add appeal to your home

Replacing windows is a labor and detail intensive task. In order to get the proper windows, exact measurements must be taken. Old windows need to be removed without damaging the frames and new windows placed without dropping them.

Due to the expense of new windows and the exacting measurements required, most homeowners seek professional assistance. At NE Roofing Siding Windows, we’ll treat your home like our own and leave you with beautiful professionally installed windows, and we’ll clean up after ourselves.

Window repair and installation

Take away blinds and curtains

Curtains and blinds provide privacy and personality to your home, but when having your windows replaced, they get in the way and may become damaged. Help us do a quality job and protect your belongings by removing all blinds and curtains prior to our arrival to replace your windows.

After your window replacement job is complete, you may also want to consider hiring a professional window treatment/drapery designer to achieve the perfect look.

Typical home

Windows and Alarm Systems Integration

If you’re adding a home security system to protect your home, they may want to install window sensors. It’s important to understand how those sensors will interact with your existing windows.

Also, if you’ve got window sensors installed and are having your windows replaced, you’ll need to coordinate with your alarm company to have those sensors correctly removed prior to window installation and replaced when the job is complete.